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MOPA pulsed fiber laser systems from the manufacturer.

Laser System N-LASE Desktop Marking Laser for Metal and Plastic

N-Lase Desktop

Compact and flexible
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You want to get started quickly and easily with your new marking laser? No problem. Here you will find all available variants at attractive conditions.

Laser System N-LASE Desktop Pro Marking Laser for Metal and Plastic

N-Lase Desktop Pro

Functional and robust
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The first compact laser from Needham that deserves to be called Pro. It offers a unique combination of design and functionality that will make your heart beat faster.

Laser System N-LASE Benchtop Marking Laser for Metal and Plastic

N-Lase Benchtop

Flexible. Powerful. Reliable.

The most innovative, efficient and dynamic laser Needham has ever built. Practical utility with integrated touch monitor.

Laser System N-LASE Workstation Marking Laser for Metal and Plastic

N-Lase Workstation

The all-feature solution.

It does what no one else can. Rugged and demanding tasks that have been put through their paces. The N-Lase was developed for oversized tasks.

N-LASE Integrated & Integrated Max for laser systems for marking metals and plastics

N-LASE Integrated & Integrated Max

Small. Clever. High speed.

This is a design with unquestionable integrity and virtually unmatched utility.

Ready for anything. Your very own N-LASE.


» Desktop » Fiber laser » Excellent all-in-one solution

» Laser marking system MOBI-PiP
The MOBI-PiP is a mobile tabletop device with a small working area ideally suited for small parts. The practical and handy fiber laser system can be used anywhere.

Pad Printing Cliché Laser

Pad Printing Cliché Laser

Fibermark cliché laser. Complete solutions for the production of your own clichés. Tailored to the desired quality and type of cliché. Laser powers from 20 watts. Marking areas from 100x100 to 300x300 mm. You can also engrave promotional items such as ballpoint pens directly.


If you want to buy laser systems, we have the right laser for every occasion.

We offer laser systems, engraving lasers, laser machines, engraving machines and related accessories.

The right fiber laser for your requirements and application as a complete system (all-in-one) or for integration into machines and systems.

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The right PiP Laser for every occasion.

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PiP offers you a wide range of laser options that can mark with different powers, same power level and all common wavelengths. They are suitable for marking processes such as engraving, ablation, annealing, discoloration and bubbling. PiP's marking lasers process not only metals, but also many other materials such as plastics, glass, silicon, ceramics and organic substances. All marking lasers are always modular, so they can be easily integrated into your system. PiP's standard delivery program includes different focusing optics for each marking laser type, so you can always achieve the best processing results regardless of the application.

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