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Photonics in Progress » We are driven by the motivation to inspire people with outstanding product design, highest quality and durability for our lasers, making your use cases even more flexible. Laser marking is the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way to do it. Every engraving created with a laser saves real money. Laser marking is not only an economical way to mark, it is also, above all, fun. For us, laser technology is a task that needs to be further developed, future-proofed for companies and their applications. Not to pursue this task would be like failing to help.

Thomas Gottschalk Double at MOTEK 2019 with Hakan Uncu Owner PiP Laser Technik & Systeme

I am PiP Laser

Heilbronn am Neckar - known as the host of BUGA 2019.
Hakan Uncu is a native of Heilbronn. Just 23 years old, he founded Pretty in Print in Heilbronn am Neckar in 1991.
He is a Swabian with an immigrant background, and you can see how remarkably successful integration has been.
His desk faces the window so that he always has a view of the beautiful greenery.

Hakan Uncu decided to train as an offset printer after completing his secondary school education. Always the task of putting color on paper.
Since 2017, he has been working intensively with laser technology and continues to apply numbers and graphics to a wide range of materials; but now without the additional medium of color. Completely contact-free and gentle on the material, he marks everything that customers ask for. When he realizes that lasers can now even mark in color, he knows that he has arrived. Hakan Uncu makes the right decision and takes over the sales representation for Buth engraving systems in southern Germany in 2019.
Buth has been a manufacturer of laser systems for over 15 years and, in addition to competent and in-depth advice on CNC milling and laser systems, stands for a wide range of modern machines such as the portal milling machine including accessories, advanced training and excellent service from a single source.

In 2020, Hakan Uncu will take over the German representation for Needham Laser from the UK. With Needham, the portfolio will be expanded by further laser systems. The function, technology and design of the N-Lase machines are further innovative solutions for a wide range of industries.

The UNCU Group is looking ahead and working on strategic sales concepts in cooperation with partners from Qatar, Turkey, China, Great Britain and Mexico.

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