New fiber lasers from PiP

New fiber laser models from 11.430,-

Outstanding font quality for texts, barcodes, graphics, and more. Experience service. Discover our laser systems for individual product marking.

MOBI-PiP the new little one from PiP
Laser systems from PiP Laser

The perfect laser engraving at the touch of a button

The best lasers in comparison. From the beginner to the automatic quick solution.

The best lasers in comparison »
PiP fiber laser MINI

Pad Printing Cliché Laser

The FiberMark 2D Mini fiber laser is the ideal cliché laser solution - developed by PiP Laser in Heilbronn - for pad printing print shops that want to produce their own clichés.

FiberMark 2D Mini Fiber Laser
New fiber lasers from PiP
Laser systems from PiP Laser
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PiP fiber laser MINI
Cliché laser
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PiP Laser Technology & Systems

PiP Laser - your experts for laser marking and labelling.

We offer high-quality marking lasers and marking systems for a wide range of applications. Our lasers enable precise, non-contact marking on metal, plastic and other materials. Whether industrial, manufacturing or craft - PiP Laser delivers tailor-made solutions for your marking requirements.

Discover our innovative products and learn how we can optimise your marking processes. Welcome to PiP Laser - your partner for laser marking technology.

The new marking laser 2023 MOBI-PiP in Black in Black design | PiP Laser Technik und Systeme © 2023

NEW - 20 Watt Fiber Laser

» MOBI-PiP | 310x200mm
Chic design at a fair price

The new marking laser MOBI-PiP combines quality and safety at an affordable price.
Ideal for fast and professional laser marking for a short time in between.

» 20 watt tabletop
» 110*110 mm Labeling field
» Metal & Plastic
» from € 11.430,- net

Entry into the laser business

» N-Lase Desktop | 500x260mm
Lets you get started quickly and easily

A laser for marking, labeling or inscribing. Enables precise engraving with minimum setup times. Independent of small to large quantities.

Compact & Flexible tabletop unit
» from 20 Watt, 70*70mm labeling field
» easy engraving of metal and much more
» 3 years warranty
» from € 17.500,- net

The N-Lase Desktop Pro is the ideal tool for etching, marking or engraving for a variety of applications such as metals, plastics, cardboard, wood and much more. | © PiP Laser Technik & Systeme

All-in-one solution

» N-Lase Desktop Pro | 500x260mm
Feature-rich & Robust with more power

50 watt laser system with premium components. The perfect combination of precision and high speed.

» Automatic housing
» Automatic Z-axis
» 150*150 mm labeling field
» 36 months warranty
» from € 22.400,- net

nlase-benchtop-laser-marking-system | © PiP Laser Technik & Systeme

For engraving work with a lot of workspace requirements

» N-Lase Benchtop | 700x620mm
Powerful & Reliable

Best of British - Born for the big jobs. Whether engraving or labeling: With its very generous work area and open interior, the Benchtop offers plenty of space to easily mark larger components, fittings or parts.

» 50 or 100 watt MOPA laser
» 110*110mm to 280*280 mm Labeling field
» All metals & much more
» 100,000+ hours lifetime (laser source)
» from € 31.600,- net

For engraving work with a lot of space

» N-Lase Workstation | 700x600mm
Limitless & Huge

Fully equipped large format stand-alone solution designed for maximum flexibility. Optionally, unwinders, 360° rotations or linear axes find enough space and become part of your automation.

» 50 or 100 watt MOPA laser
» 110*110mm to 280*280 mm Labeling field
» 500 mm max. workpiece height
» All metals & much more
» 100,000+ hrs service life (laser source)
» from € 44.000,- net

All-in-one solution for integration

» N-Lase Integration | 1.200x1.200mm
The solution for assembly lines

Impressive & Versatile. The N-Lase Integrated models consist of a laser source and a galvanometer scanner head. Designed for integration into production, manufacturing and assembly lines.

» 20 to 100 Watt
» Fiber or CO2 laser
» 110*110 mm labeling field
» Marking on a wide range of substrates
» from € 16.700,- net

Compact marking laser

» FiberMark 2D Mini | 430x280mm
Proven & Flexible laser solution

Gluing labels was yesterday. The FiberMark Mini is the affordable fiber laser solution for your everyday labeling tasks.
Flexible tabletop device with a compact size

» 30 Watt laser box
» 150*150 mm labeling field
» Metals & Plastics and other substrates
» maintenance-free operation
» from € 16.875,- net

3D Innovation Next Level (Kopie)

» FiberMark 3D TASTE | 480x380mm
Multifunctional laser box thanks to MOPA & 3D technology.

Our pulsed MOPA lasers operate in the nanosecond range and at extremely high frequencies. This makes them one of the most versatile industrial lasers. Paired with 3D shifters and 3D scanners, they create a second skin on your products.

» 30 to 100 Watt laser box
» 180*180 mm marking field
» metals & plastics and other substrates
» maintenance-free operation
» from € 25.500,- net

FiberMark Works S-M-L

» FiberMark 3D WORKS S | 670x530mm
Comfortable class 1 housing with automatic door

» WORKS M | 800x700mm
» WORKS L | 1270x830mm
Suitable for small and large components. No matter if low or high quantities. Inexpensive to purchase - inexpensive to maintain.

» 30 to 120 watt 3D MOPA or CO2 beam sources
» Metals & Plastics and other substrates
» maintenance-free operation
» from € 29.500,- net

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When it comes to lasers* - We have the right laser system for every occasion.

* We offer laser systems, engraving lasers, laser machines and the right accessories for purchase or financing.

The right fiber laser for your requirements and application as a complete system (all-in-one) or for integration into machines, systems or production lines.

» Laser marking » Laser engraving » Laser cutting » Laser ablation » Laser processing » Laser labeling

The right PiP Laser for every occasion.

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Find the right marking laser for your application

PiP Laser Technik & Systeme offers you a wide range of options for marking lasers with different powers, the same power level and all common wavelengths. They are suitable for marking processes such as engraving, ablation, annealing, discoloration and bubbling. PiP's marking laser processes not only metals, but also many other materials such as plastics, glass, silicon, ceramics and organic substances. All marking lasers are always modular, so they can be easily integrated into your system. PiP's standard delivery program includes up to five different focusing optics for each marking laser type, so you can always achieve the best processing results regardless of the application.

We offer laser know-how simple and very special

Our know-how for you: Detailed application advice from PiP. Marking lasers can be configured very individually.


Laser machines and accessories

Modular design

Innovative laser technology: Unlike other laser machines, you can configure or retrofit our laser engravers according to your application without completely replacing the laser system. Individual components that affect the marking area, laser power and beam quality can be replaced at any time. e.g. 30 watt laser instead of 20 watt laser for marking or an engraving machine for stainless steel. Modular design entirely according to your needs and requirements.

3 years warranty

Laser Marking: With a robust design and market-leading components, every laser system is backed by a comprehensive warranty. Thanks to our value proposition, Needham Laser Systems offers you the peace of mind and quality of a 36-month warranty right from the start.
Want to get started with your new N-Lase quickly and easily? No problem. Here you will find immediately available lasers at attractive conditions.

Laser Systems Made in Britain

The N-Lase laser systems are completely designed, developed and manufactured in the UK. Learn about the exceptional design and advanced technology with a test demonstration. Top of the line marking lasers from Needham Laser. Different power levels from 20 watts, 30 watts up to 120 watts provide the necessary power that your individual requirements demand. Laser machines that not only convince but also electrify.

Marking laser

Laser engraving is based on ablation by melt displacement and vaporization. Almost all materials can be engraved. For inscriptions and markings on almost all materials and shapes. Qualitative and innovative. Individual support. In-house manufacturing. N-Lase engraving laser models: Desktop, Desktop Pro, Benchtop, Workstation and Integrated.

50 years laser

When they hear the word "laser," most people think first of Star Wars and lightsabers, and less of health or the supermarket checkout. But light technology has long since conquered our everyday lives and turned 50 years old on May 16. Today, a milestone in material marking.

Miracle light - how is it created?

Precise labeling in just a few steps.
At the end of the working day, there are plenty of finished parts lying around in every company. You can mark them easily and reliably. This is not only due to the flexible housing or compact design, but also to the fast working speed and, above all, the time-saving operating elements. But how does it work?

Purchase advice, decision support for engraving lasers and laser systems

PiP Laser is a company fully dedicated to laser technology. We have been in the market for over 30 years and have become one of the specialists for laser technology & laser systems under With us you can easily find precisely fitting laser systems of different brands - components and accessories. Everything sorted by power, size and model.

In addition to original parts, we always carry an offer of third-party manufacturers, as well as an offer of our own brands.

With our know-how you will become a laser professional. With us, you will always find the right setting for your application.

Anyone who wants to start laser marking faces a crucial question: How much does a good marking laser cost? It is difficult to find a general answer to this question. How much you have to spend on an engraving laser depends largely on what you intend to do with it. The times when there was only one laser for one purpose are over. Various lasers - which differ significantly in terms of performance and area of application - have long since emerged.
So before you can settle the price question, you have to take care of a few other issues:

» 20 watt, 30 watt, 50 watt laser, engraving, marking, labeling, metal or plastic, organic or biotopic?

Here you will find the answers to the LaserBasics up to professional solutions specifically and individually for your requirements and applications.


An idea becomes feasible.

You are looking for the ideal financing - with us you will find financial professionals who also understand your business.
Our financing offers are individual and tailored to your situation.



Times quickly to the spot.

Rely on service that will keep you going in the long run. Learn more about the comprehensive range of services offered by PiP Laser. From technical customer service to financing.


Partner benefits

Members of the VDB benefit from special conditions. Discounts on the product range that are well worth seeing. This also has a positive effect on support.

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